5 Ordinary Job Interview Questions Which Can Confuse you

5 Ordinary Job Interview Questions Which Can Confuse you

Interview questions can be exciting and anxiety-inducing at the same time.

When you are going for an interview you have to be ready for every kind of questions. Some of them can be totally out of the syllabus, but that’s what interview is all about. You need to be ready.

You will be judged on the basis of your behavior, knowledge, the presence of mind, your body language etc. Here are guidelines for some common job interview questions which can confuse you.

1 – What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Discussing your strengths and weaknesses can be one of the most difficult parts of the job interview. You don’t need to share all of your weakness but can definitely share some of them. Your interviewer will judge you on the basis of your strength and weakness both. You just need to be honest about your answer.

Answer this common interview question by explaining your strength or weakness and following with added context and a specific story from your professional experience. You may be asked about your strengths and weaknesses in one question, or you may be asked about them in two separate questions. In the event that you are asked about strengths and weaknesses at the same time, discuss your weakness first so that you can end on a positive note.

Some examples of weaknesses you might mention include:

• Being too critical/Sensitive of yourself
• Attempting to please everyone
• Being unfamiliar with the latest software
• Disorganized
• Shy/Not adept at public speaking
• Limited experience in a non-essential skill
• Not skilled at delegating tasks
• Take on too much responsibility
• Not detail-oriented or Too detail-oriented
• Uncomfortable taking high risks
• Too focused or Lack of focus

The best way to answer this question is to minimize the trait and emphasize the positive. Select a trait and come up with a solution to overcome your weakness. Stay away from personal qualities and concentrate more on professional traits. As with weaknesses, you can generally choose between skills/habits and personality traits.

Assess your skills to identify your strengths. Make a list of your skills. Some examples of strengths you might mention include:

• Enthusiasm
• Trustworthiness
• Creativity
• Discipline
• Patience
• Respectfulness
• Determination
• Dedication
• Honesty
• Versatility
• Patient
• Empathetic
• Determined
• Flexible
• Passionate or Driven
• Collaborative
• Focused
• Innovative
• Attentive or Detail-oriented
• Action-oriented or entrepreneurial

When you complete this list, choose three to four of those strengths that match what the hiring person is looking in the job posting.


2 – Why should we hire you?

The interviewer wants to know that how much confident and capable you are.

Know your value and according to your skills make him believe that how you are better than other candidates. Talk about your unique skills and strength.

The job of hiring person is to hire the best person for the position. Most of the job seekers that make it to the interview stage are pre-qualified for the job. The selected candidate must be more than qualified, especially in a very competitive job market.

You know a “why should we hire you” question will show up in the interview. Here’s how to make a great answer that will impress the hiring person.

With this interview question, your interviewer is asking you to sell him on you and your status as the perfect candidate for the position. Make his job easier by convincing him that:

• You can do the required work and deliver the best possible results.
• You will fit perfectly in the organization and helpful to the team.
• You express a combination of skills and experience that make you stand out from the crowd

This is your chance to impress them with your talent. Your answer should indicate the strong reasons for which you should be hired by him/her.

The HR interview question “Why Should I Hire You” turns out to be tricky no matter how simple it may sound. Let’s see how you can answer this!

This is an opportunity to elaborate your strengths and/or explain your selling points which mentioned in the job description. Some examples of your strength or selling points can be:

• Industry experience
• Experience in performing specific tasks or duties
• Technical skills
• Soft skills
• Key accomplishments
• Awards or accolades
• Education
• Specific Training


3 – Why you left your last job?

In this question, you have to be very careful. Don’t share any negative thing about your previous job, as it shows your mindset. Just be honest and talk about it.

The answer to this question will always play an important role in your decision of hiring you.

Whether he/she is thrown out of the previous job or was looking for a better job opportunity, this question can help you to know the reality.

You should answer of this question in two parts, First, you’re switching to a more better opportunity, Second, you have no bad feelings against your previous employer.


4 – What is your salary expectation?

Don’t get excited or desperate with this question.

Say the exact number on basis of your qualification, work experience, achievements, and skills. There is no need to be nervous. After all this the reason you are applying new job, so say it wisely. But if needed then be flexible also.

How to answer interview questions about salary expectations, including answers and tips on how to respond to questions about what you expect to earn.

Answering the salary expectation question in a job interview has a big impact on this opportunity and your future earning.

You are certainly doing well when the question, “What are your salary expectations?” is asked. Be careful while answering this one.

This is such a straightforward interview question and yet the answer is so complex. It’s also difficult to know what to say, and what not to say, so you get the job offer for which you are applying.

Why do hiring person wants to know your salary expectations? Interviewers ask about your salary expectations to get a sense of whether they can afford you or not. They might also ask you this to see how much you value yourself and the work that you do. By doing some research and preparing an answer, you can reply to the employer that you are flexible with your salary, but that you also know what you are worth.

Tips for Answering Interview Questions About Salary:

• Say you are flexible,
• Offer a range,
• Think about your current salary,
• Give yourself a raise,
• Only give numbers you would be happy with
• Highlight your skills,
• Be prepared to negotiate

A “wrong” answer can result in a job offer with a salary that is too low or the end of the opportunity if you state a salary that is too high.


5 – What do you know about our company?

Always do lots of research before going for your interviews. Know as much as you can about the company.

As this thing shows that you are really willing to work in the particular company and will increase your chances of getting the job.

This question should be the most necessary question in all the interview. If a person apply job online in any firm then he/she should know about the company.

With this question, you will know that a candidate is having enough knowledge about your company. He/she knows the company’s requirements and can help the company to grow more and more.

The main reason behind this question is the hiring person wants to know that have you did some research about the company before applying for the job. They don’t want someone who is not interested in company’s profile. They want to see how much research and preparation you have done for this interview.


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