10 Expert Tips for Salary Negotiation


Salary negotiation is scary. But no need to worry we’re here to help you.

Many people don’t know ‘How to ask to increase their salary?’ even after working for many years in the same firm, but in this article, we are sharing some tips to negotiate your salary right in the interview.


1 – Be Confident

We know anyone can be nervous during an interview but you need to overcome your nervousness and be confident in front of the interviewer.

“The way you enter a room can dictate how the rest of an interaction will be”, reports James Clear of Passive Panda.

Keep your head high and smile when you enter. Starting things off with a positive vibe is very important, no matter how small it is.


2 – Wait for the Right Time

Don’t just ask to increase your salary in starting, wait till you get comfortable and ask when you feel it is the right time.

Being patient is very difficult for us. We want to get it over with. Whoever is more flexible about time has the advantage. Your patience can make them in believe that you are not under pressure to conclude the deal.


3 – Know your Capability

You should be aware of your qualities. Which work you can do better than others and how much you should get paid. By saying some basic information about yourself, your job history and achievements, you can get a better understanding of your market worth. Armed with this knowledge, you can negotiate confidently.


4 – Never Share your Previous Salary

Yes, that is true. You should not share your previous or current salary in the interview, as it can lower the chances of increasing your salary.


5 – Be Polite and Listen Carefully

Be polite with the interviewer, as it shows your behavior. Which can help you to get paid more, sometimes without even asking.

Listening to the hiring person during a negotiation is very important. By really paying attention to what the interviewer is saying, you can understand his needs and incorporate them into finding a solution that makes you both happy.

You can become an effective listener by allowing the other person to do most of the talking. Follow the 70/30 Rule – listen 70 percent of the time, and talk only 30 percent of the time.


6 – Keep in Mind the Exact Number

Think before going for the interview and decide the exact salary you want. When employees use a more precise number in their first negotiation request, they are more likely to get a final offer very near to what they were asking for. This is because the interviewer will assume you’ve done some research into your market value to come that specific number.


7 – Be Prepare to Walk Away

If you are not satisfied with the wage they are offering to you and they are not increasing it then be ready to say no. Never negotiate without options. If you recognize that you have other options, the other interviewer will sense your inner strength.


8 – Know the Market Value

Before going for your interviews, do some research on the position you are applying for and know the pay scale you can get. Rather than discussing a raise or new salary based on what you make now, keep the conversation focused on what the market is paying for people like you (your “market value”).


9 – Don’t Share your Personal Needs

Never share your personal financial needs like you need to rent a house, car loan etc. Chances are, your co-workers are dealing with similar financial situations.

By this you are sharing your weakness with them and which is not good for you. You make a much better case to your boss that you’re worth more when you focus on your performance and achievements.


10 – Say more than you Actually Want

Always ask for more than you actually want, because they will bargain a lot and after that, you will hardly get what you expect. Psychology shows that interviewer will feel like he is getting a better deal if he negotiates down from your original ask.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. And don’t fear asking for too much! The worst that can happen if you give a high number is that the other party will counteroffer, but the worst that can happen if you don’t negotiate is that you’ll get nothing.


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