4 Common First Job Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid them

4 Common First Job Interview Mistakes and How to avoid them

An invitation for a job interview is very hard to achieve.

After a long job hunt, you found a career opportunity. Then you are invited for an interview. And now you are preparing for your first job interview.

Unfortunately, many candidates lose their opportunity and waste their efforts and time. They make many mistakes during their job interview. When it comes to your career opportunities you can’t afford to make mistakes. You should always try your best to avoid interview mistakes.

You should never assume that a job offer is easy to get only because you’re invited for the interview. There are many candidates applying for the same job. So, the competition level will always be high.

Everything you do during the job interview is being judged, as it is your first meeting with the interviewer. Your body language, communication skills, even your dressing matters a lot.

That’s why you must pay attention to how you are presenting yourself to the person interviewing you.

To help you, here are the 4 most common mistakes you may make during your first Job Interview.


#1. Arriving Late for the Interview


The first impression is very important when it comes to getting a job. Do you know that you can make a very bad first impression by showing up late for your job interview?

Punctuality is important. It tells a lot about your work ethics and personality. Being on time shows you respect other’s time.

“Punctuality is the first step towards success.”

When you show up late for an interview, it’s assumed that you have poor time management skills. And you don’t respect the company, the job position or the person taking the interview.

So arriving on time for your job interview is the essential part of your interview.


How to avoid?


You should try following to avoid begin late for your job interview.

  • Leave early from your place and try to reach the interview location at least 10 minutes before the interview.
  • Anticipate delays caused by traffic or other aspects before they happen.
  • Keep your vehicle fueled so you won’t need to waste time at the fuel station.
  • If you’re going to take public transit, leave your place early according to that.

Arriving 10 minutes early is being on time, arriving on time is being late, and arriving late means you didn’t want to be there. So, always be at least 10 minutes early for your job interviews.


#2. Not Wearing Appropriate Attire for the Interview


You must avoid interview attire mistakes. What you are wearing for your job interview matters. Your interviewer will begin judging you with your dressing.

How you dress for your job interview is a big part of your first impression. And the first impression is a big part of getting the job. Dressing well is the primary instrument for a positive first impression. And it helps your confidence too.

That’s why you should make sure that you are not making any mistake with the dressing for your job interview.


How to avoid?


You don’t need to spend a lot of money to look appropriate. Just put a little extra effort while dressing up for your job interview.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Go for formal and don’t wear a casual outfit.
  • Be mindful while choosing clothes and avoid bright or flashy colours.
  • Wear comfortable clothes so you will feel relaxed during the interview.
  • Don’t take your headphones with you.


#3. Forgetting or not taking your Resume


The first thing an interviewer will ask you about is your Resume.

Many candidates are not aware that Resume is a mandatory document for a job interview. Your resume is a summary of your knowledge, training, skills, and experience. The interviewer will find most of the information about you from your ‘Resume‘ only.

So, not bringing a resume to the job interview is a bad habit. Forgetting or not taking your resume to your job interview is the mistake which you must avoid.


How to avoid?


Avoiding this is simple. Make sure that you have your resume ready and updated a day before your interview.

You should always keep multiple printed copy of your resume.


#4. Not knowing about the Company you’re Interviewing for


“What do you know about our Company?”

This is one of the most common questions your interviewer may ask you.

As a job seeker probably you’re simultaneously applying for multiple job offers. It’s logical to submit more job applications to improve your chances of getting an interview invitation. Because of this you miss doing your homework about the company.

But having information about the company you’re interviewing for, will pay off. It will show that you’re serious about getting the job in their company. It will also prove that you came with preparation.


How to avoid?


Don’t let this question to stump your potential job. Finding information about businesses is not hard these days, because of the internet.

You can easily avoid this mistake just by doing little online research about the company. Just google the company name and you will find their company website, company’s social media pages, and other resources.

You must check the company’s Website, LinkedIn Page, Facebook Page or any other online resource. Try to find interesting facts about them to compliment them. You know, everyone likes compliments about their work.


Final Thought


These days daily life is busy and complicated for everyone. So, making mistakes is part of our life. But when you go for your job interview, it is advised to avoid as many mistakes as possible. Your job interview might be the first step toward your perfect career option.

Always take your interviews very seriously, be conscious about every aspect of the interview process. Keep a habit of doing advance preparations for your interviews. Pay attention to your body language and communication skills to improve them. Look and act professionally during your work periods.

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Finally, be confident and you will surely get your desired job. Good Luck!


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