Why Sales and Marketing Jobs are High In-Demand

Why Sales and Marketing Jobs are High In-Demand

Sales and marketing jobs are always been in demand as they are the only one that are not affected by economic conditions. All the other jobs are affected by economic conditions but sales jobs always set its own pace without caring for what is going around. It remains sound and insulated from any impact.

There are some sound reasons to support this statement which are as follows:

A great position is always there

There are numerous types of sales jobs and this is the reason that there is always a job for you that you prefer. If you are unable to find a job today, then you need not to worry as something that you like will soon crop up. In other words, eventually, you will find a job according to your liking as each and every industry requires sales personnel. You can easily find an industry that matches your profile.

Its turnover rate is always higher

The number of workers for sustaining the sales jobs is always higher as compared to peoples required in other functions. There are ample kinds of sales jobs that it gets impossible to make a list of all. This is one of the reasons that the turnover rate of this sector is so much higher.

Now if you have decided firmly that you want to carve out a career in selling then an assurance of lots of opportunities is always there. While coming across job advertisements, there is one job that always takes a center stage and that is sales jobs. There are lots of opportunities for growth in this field and making use of these opportunities is in your hands. By having a motivation, putting efforts, commitment and setting the goals one can have a promising career in this sector.

Reach the market

Salespeople help the companies to reach the market for selling their products. They become the face of the company and they hold a lot of responsibility for maintaining the image of company among the channel partners and customers. As the need for selling the products and services is always there so the demand for

Sales people help the companies to reach the market for selling their products. They become the face of the company and they hold a lot of responsibility for maintaining the image of company among the channel partners and customers. As the need for selling the products and services is always there so the demand for the sales job is always there. The stability and growth of a company are directly dependent on its turnover and profit. These factors can further only be achieved by an efficient sales force that posses the competency of capturing markets. 

Highest paying sales and marketing jobs across the globe

Chief marketing officer (CMO)

The Company’s marketing vision is under the control of CMO. He/she is responsible for managing and creating the execution of respective company.

CMO is responsible for providing directions and laying out goals for the employees. According to Forbes, if you are willing to lead a company, start considering that twenty percent of current 500 CMOs have started out in sales and marketing.

Vice president of marketing

They are having the right of deciding the branding, advertisement and even the price of the product.

They are having their own research team that checks the effectiveness of current marketing programs. 

Demand generation director:

They handle both online and offline demand campaigns. They are also responsible for designing, testing, automating and executing new campaigns for the company.

Content marketing director

They work with teams for developing the strategies and driving demands. They create and make new & effective marketing strategies. They ensure that the content marketing goals are reached or not by inspiring & managing the content staff.

Product marketing manager

A product marketing manager is on a post which should be familiar with the company’s product thoroughly. He/she constructs strategies in order to know about the options of selling the product in a better way so that the company generates highest revenues. They also overlook how the product gets advertised and how the public is reacting to it.

Channel marketing manager

Companies never sell their products directly to the costumers. Instead of this, they sell their products through retailers or outlets. This is the work of CMM and they work with these peoples to support the sales of company’s products. They also ensure that in all these procedures the product’s branding, as well as its marketing, remains consistent.

Creative director

The creative director works as a leader of the team responsible for developing and implementing all the creative work such as graphic designing, advertisements, music, media etc. There are mainly two types of creative directors in the house and in the agency.

Marketing director

All the marketing strategies are managed and directed by marketing directors. They are mainly responsible for building projects, concepts and budgets for marketing campaigns.

 They help in resolving all the team issues. In addition to this, they help in maintaining communication with vendors, clients as well as other managers within their company.

Demand generation manager

They deal directly with the costumers by using content, searches, and digital tactics. They are responsible for creating effective advertisements, and reading materials for landing sales.

Sales Engineer

For becoming sales engineer, the candidate must be having bachelor’s degree in engineering. They sell scientific products and they make more money as compare to other sales jobs.

Financial services agent

This job requires plenty of knowledge and the candidate must be having an MBA degree. They deal with individuals as well as businesses.

Retail sales worker

Retail sales worker do not require any educational background for getting this job. Their demand is high because of fast turnover. They work in stores and help customers in getting what they need.

Advertising agent

They work with a variety of clients and even a high school diploma can let you enter this profession. Their salary is largely dependent on commissions and they generally make about $45,000 per year.

Insurance agents:

If you are holding bachelor’s degree then you can access this job comfortably. They help people in insuring their homes, vehicles, health or anything of significant value. They make about Rs. 25,00,000 to Rs. 30,00,000 per year.


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