Pay Attention to Soft Skills to Boost Your Career

Pay Attention to Soft Skills to Boost Your Career

There are two types of skill in every person which helps him to get success in his career. One is: the hard skill and another is: the soft skill.

  • What is ‘Hard Skill’ and what is its role in Career?

When you apply for a job, the technical round measures your technical knowledge which you get by your domain experience i.e.; after spending years in work and completing your degree in your interested specialization.

These technical skills are called as hard skills. You can learn and prove hard skills.

Some examples of hard skills are reading, writing, maths, coding, designing, accounting etc.

These hard skills can be taught in the theoretical syllabus for passing the examinations. It might be possible that you will get all these in the classroom or in papers.

Hard skills are very important to achieve results in a given work. You can’t really be a great web developer unless you know what codes need to use and wherein the program, and you can’t be a good accountant if you don’t know how to process entries and where.

Hard skills can be defined and measured in detail.

  • What is ‘soft skills’ and why you need to care about soft skill for your career Growth?

In the journey of your professional life, the technical skills play a vital role to achieve a top level position in your domain, but along with all the hard skills, soft skills are also important which can minimize or maximize the period of time for you to reach at a specific level in your work.

Soft skills say a lot of things about the person and describe the behaviour and characteristics of the person. It’s the combination of interpersonal skills. These are very attractive to an employer and this will help in building your positive image in the organization.

Some soft skills examples are communication, leadership, time management, teamwork, analytical thinking, problem-solving etc.

You will learn and use these skills during your job.

Like if you are looking for a job as fresher, having these soft skills in your resume will increase the chance of your selection and give your career a nice kick start. And if you are an experienced candidate then these soft skills will help you to find the next job in that situation when your hard skills might not perform up to the mark for getting that job. In today’s workplace, Soft skills are a mandatory skill set for all students, job seekers and working professionals.

Soft skills usually deal with human interaction in the organization. These skills are non-technical skills. So, these skills are very difficult to measure. These skills are more relevant to your personality, behaviour and characteristics than your education or technical qualifications.

Having all these soft skills, the chance is increased for at least, you become such person that your employer wants to include you in the conversation when making major decisions for the organization.

Making good command over soft skills in the organization not only makes you more valuable at your current job; it also gives you the knowledge about how to work in many different roles and industries. That’s why we can say soft skills as transferable skills: you can take these with you anywhere you go in your career.

If you want to make it easier for the HR to hire you, you need to pay attention to your soft skills – you need to show you are the best fit in the organization and your behaviour and characteristics will definitely benefit the other team members. You should prove your technical skills and highlight your soft skills as well. This can stand you above than other candidates. There is a very high possibility that you all might have the same skills to deliver the result but you all might not be as good in helping the team to succeed within the limited time for a project – that’s why soft skills matter.

Soft skills are very crucial for succeeding in any work. Soft skills play a very important role like a chemical catalyst to getting ahead in the organization. So, to stand out from the crowd you should work on your soft skills and need to adopt and command over skills.

There is a lot of research to suggest companies are extremely focused on their employees’ soft skills. Here’s a summary of some of the studies and surveys showing employers care about soft skills:

  • According to research done by The Society for Human Resource Management, “Employers prefer soft skills over technical abilities.”
  • Career Builder Study says “soft skills are equally important to hard skills.”
  • According to Kathy Robinson, founder of Boston career-coaching firm TurningPoint, “Soft skills are key to building relationships, gaining visibility, and creating more opportunities for advancement.
  • According to American Psychological Association bosses prefer the candidates who are likeable and friendly to those who are self-promotional.
  • According to the Journal of Education for Business, managers are now paying extra attention to communication and analytical skills, both of which are counted as soft skills.

The above statements show that the company is not going to just look at your technical abilities and performances. There is no doubt that your education, work experience and expertise matters in finding a job but it’s also important to showcase your soft skills: behaviour and characteristics as well.

The Conclusion is this: human interaction is required in all professions. There is no work where soft skills would not play a role – certainly, it might be possible that in some job its role can very minor and in some jobs, it can be more important than the technical skills. Therefore, it is important to understand which soft skills are trending in today’s work and how to improve these skills.

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