7 Job Interview Mistakes You Probably Don’t Realize You’re Making

7 Job Interview Mistakes You Probably Don’t Realize You’re Making

Recently, we conducted many job interviews for different job profiles. We invited many job seekers for the job interview. People were seating in the waiting area. It was the perfect environment to catch job interview mistakes in action.

Job Seekers who came for interview should be well prepared and confident. When we started the interview we show people were nervous, some came without a resume, some people were not aware of the job profile, etc. These things create a bad impression.

Here we are some job interview mistakes you probably don’t realize you are making:

1 – Starting the interview late

          Probably one of the worst job interview mistakes is arriving late. This show how punctual you are. One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make is simply not giving themselves enough time to ensure they arrive on time for their job interview.  Do not make this mistake ever. You can wake up a little early to reach on time for the interview. 

2 – Wanting any job, not this one

          While interviewing, people talk about themselves but not about the potential job. Employers are not interested in your personal life you should always talk about your skills and job responsibilities. You should talk about your specific job post, not for any job profile. You need to get specific.

3 – Putting yourself first

          One of the common mistake people doing in an interview is putting themselves first and company second. Another mistake when you talk that you want to learn, you want the challenge, you want to develop yourself.  Employers don’t care what you want to learn or be challenged; they want you to add value from the first day of the job.

4 – Looking tired

          You don’t need to be big and loud, but you do need to show high energy. Even sometimes candidates with a high degree also need to make small adjustments to how they comport themselves. Sometimes you don’t realize you talk to low in an interview.

5 – Lacking confidence

          Most people get rejected due to low confidence. If you show low confidence in the interview it means you can’t take any decision independently.  While any interview is confident, it will show how committed you are.  This shows you are able to take a challenge or not.

6 – Confusing the interviewer

          The interview is not just about how you look but also what you say. You need to describe your roles and projects. Employer judge according to your skills, roles and responsibilities. If you fail to describe your work responsibilities then you will be rejected.  You need to prepare yourself in advance for Interview, or you will confuse the interviewer. 

7 – Assuming a phone or video interview is the same as live

          One of the common interview processes for an interview. These are the first step of an interview. You need to be confident and well prepared for a phone or video interview. Employer will judge you through your communication and confidence.

The hiring process is competitive. Small details loom large. While these inadvertent job interview mistakes are easily overlooked, their impact looms large. You want to do everything you can to perform at your best.