5 Body Language Mistakes You must avoid during your Job Interview

Finally, your big day has arrived. You’re preparing yourself for a major job interview. Your resume is ready and updated, you did your research about the company, and you’re ready to go.

But have you practiced your body language for the interview? Your actions speak louder than your words. Your interviewer will judge you even on how you stand and how you shake hand.

You can’t afford to make body language mistakes during your job interview. Here I’m listing 5 body language mistakes which you must avoid.

Not making Eye Contact

A study suggests that not making eye contact make you seem insecure and untrustworthy.

To avoid this I suggest you practice making eye contact with your friend or a family member. It will help you feel comfortable with making eye contact.

Eye Contact

Not Smiling

If you’re not keeping a smiling face during your interview, your interview will consider you as an unfriendly and unhappy person.

To avoid this force yourself to repetitively smile before your interview starts. It will help you lower your anxiety level.

Smiling Face

Weak Handshake

If you start your job interview with a weak handshake your interviewer will assume you as a less trustworthy and impressive candidate.

To avoid this, practice handshake with your friend. Hold the hand with a firm grip and shake it three times and don’t forget to smile while making eye contact.


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Bad Posture while sitting or standing

Your bad posture is a sign of your low confidence and your interviewer will notice this.

Avoid this mistake by sitting or standing straight during your interview.

Bad Posture

Keeping your Arms Crossed

When you cross your arms during your job interview it gives the impression that you’re feeling insecure and uncomfortable.

Avoid this mistake by keeping one hand on your lap and other on the table. And be conscious about this for the whole interview.


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