Top 5 Designations of IT Jobs in Surat

Top 5 Designations of IT Jobs in Surat

IT industry is one of the top sectors for a promising career in Surat. Good pay, job security, and better work environment are some of the benefits you will surely have in the IT sector.

When you’re looking for IT Jobs in Surat, there are many opportunities waiting for you. I can assure you that you will surely find your desired job in Surat.

In this article, I’m listing top 5 designations of IT jobs in Surat which are the most demanded.


#1 Web Designer


The world is dominated by the web. And every business wants to spread their reach using the web. For that, the online presence is very important to advertise and sell their products and services.

A website is the first thing any business will need to have to stabilize their online presence.

As a Web Designer, you use your technical and creative skills to build new website designs or redesign websites.

To get a web designer job in Surat you don’t always need qualifications, but you’ll need to show that you have the required skills.


Skills Required for a Web Designer


  • HTML and CSS
  • Visual Design
  • UX (User Experience)
  • Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Basic Image Editing
  • Understanding of CMS (Content Management System)

Web Designer must have strong creative skills and good problem-solving skills.

So, if you got the required skill set for the web designer’s job then your career is secure in Surat. Whether you’re a fresher or an experienced candidate you will find many job vacancy in Surat.


#2 .NET Developer


.NET framework is the flexible and powerful framework developed by Microsoft, it is very popular in Surat. You can adapt the .NET framework to a broad range of uses.

If you’re a knowledgeable .NET Developer, you can use it to develop highly distributed web applications, sophisticated desktop applications, and modern mobile applications.


Skills required for a .NET Developer


  • Strong understanding of the .NET Framework
  • Proficient in C# and/or VB.NET
  • Knowledge of object-oriented programming
  • Skill for writing reusable libraries
  • Understanding of Microsoft SQL Server
  • Knowledge of popular web application frameworks

The above skills are some of the required skill for a .NET Developer Jobs. As a programmer, it’s better that you have more and more skills and experience with your programming language.


#3 PHP Developer


Primarily designed for web development in 1994, PHP is a server-side scripting language. It is the core of the most popular blogging system WordPress. It is powerful to run the biggest social media network Facebook.

You will always find many job opening for a PHP developer in Surat.


Skills and Qualifications Required for a PHP Developer


  • Good knowledge of PHP frameworks
  • Understanding of MVC design patterns
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Familiarity with object-oriented programming
  • Knowledge of SQL/NoSQL Databases
  • Understanding of code versioning tools.

The above-mentioned skills are a basic requirement for a PHP developer job.


#4 Android Developer


Over time Android became the most popular operating system of smartphones. The popularity of the operating system translates to serious job security for Android Developers.

It requires lots of hard work to become an Android developer but finding the Android developer job in Surat is not that hard. Because of the popularity of the operating system, there are many career opportunities in Surat.


Skills Required for an Android Developer


  • Strong knowledge of Android SDK
  • Understanding of RESTful APIs
  • Knowledge of Android UI design principles
  • Knowledge of the Android ecosystem
  • Understanding of code versioning tools
  • Knowledge of full mobile development life cycle
  • Experience with JAVA and J2EE


#5 iOS Developer


As an iOS developer, you’re responsible for building apps for Apple’s iOS. You must be proficient with one of the two iOS’ programming languages: Objective-C or Swift.

Apple’s mobile operation system iOS powers iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV and Apple Watch. As of 2016 iOS shares roughly 12.5% of smartphone OS market. iOS development is very in-demand with companies having own mobile development department.

Finding iOS developer jobs in Surat is not hard. If you are an experienced iOS developer, you will surely find many opportunities with a very good salary.


Skills Required of an iOS Developer


  • Proficient with Objective-C or Swift
  • Experience with iOS frameworks
  • Understanding of Apples’ design principals
  • Knowledge of UI/UX standards
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs



Final Thought


Since technology integral to the successes of my companies, IT Jobs are often among the most well-paid jobs.

Working in the IT industry is very challenging. You are always figuring out how to make new ideas work. IT industry is all about finding solutions. There is a lot of problem-solving.

So, if you like working with new ideas and challenges then a career in Surat IT Industry is right for you.


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