How to Find and Hire Good Employees?

How To Find and Hire Good Employee

The role of Employer and Employees are very important for an Organization. Both are dependent on each other. Both grow with each other in the organization. An owner might have an idea; he can make a plan or strategy for his organization. But, he is not able to develop the organization alone. He needs a team to do this. He definitely needs some good employees in his team, who can help him to achieve the dream which he planned and get success.

But is hiring as easy as this word sounds? No, Not at all. If you hire the wrong candidate then it will put you in trouble.

Hiring the wrong candidate always cost time and money. Who wants to do this? No one, Employers don’t want to waste their time and money for bad recruiting. Because interviewing and training new fresh employees cost very high. It takes too much time of technical and management teams to make them enough capable to produce results and make a revenue for the organization.

Hiring the right candidate is very crucial for an organization. It’s not an easy task, it can be a challenging task to find and hire good employees. Before hiring a candidate, you should keep in mind below questions, which answer you will get from the job applications or from the candidates themselves at the time of interviewing.

Tips for Hiring Good Employees

  • Is the candidate has the desired skills, educational qualifications and experiences which exactly you are looking for a particular job position? If yes, then there is more chance that the candidate gets hired.
  • Is the candidate enough capable to do the difficult task with creativity? If yes, then it shows that he might be capable of a senior position and team handling. Hiring him can complete your job.
  • Is the candidate feels comfortable with existing team members? Like is he compatible with colleagues and clients of the organization? If yes, then it might be possible that he can become a good team member and communicator.
  • Is the candidate ready for long term work commitment? So that, both he and the company can take benefit or he is just switching for better salary as he used to do every time. So here checking his previous employment records will definitely help you.
  • Is he speaking true and fulfilling his promises on time? His loyalty and honesty also matter. You can confirm this from his old co-workers. If he is true then hiring him can be a good decision for you.
  • Is he is ready to follow the company’s rules and regulations? Following the company’s policies ensure that he is accepting the organization’s work culture and this spread the positive vibe in the workplace.
  • Is he agrees and satisfied with the salary and package which you are offering to him? If yes then there are more chances of staying him in the organization for a long time otherwise he will either leave the job soon or underperform than expected. If he is not getting appreciation and feedback time to time for producing extraordinary results then there are very high chances that he might quit the job and not continue or he might not give his best to work.

If you find him positive in all the above points and he qualifies the above requirements then you can go ahead to hire him for the organization otherwise you are going to take a big risk.

Now, let’s talk about finding the right candidates, we have to find the right candidates before hiring. And how we find? Some employers say it’s a very difficult task and time-consuming task. Is it? I think it’s not. It’s used to be time-consuming at a time. But today’s time it’s not.

Here are some tips and methods to find good employees. You can get help from the below methods:

Tips to Find Good Employees

  • Be Active on Job Portals – In today’s time, job seekers keep themselves up to date on all major job portals. So, you need to keep yourself active and update on the top job posting sites. Some of them are providing free job posting service also. By doing this you can find capable and talented professionals who would definitely fit properly in your company.
    Some popular job portal example is Indeed, Naukri, Monster India, Times Job, DvdasJobs job portal etc.
  • Use Social Media– Nowadays; everyone is active on social media. It is a good idea to connect with the whole world without leaving your place. You can use almost all social platforms for posting open job vacancies. Some important social channels for sharing job positions are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter etc. Ask to your contacts and other people to like, share and spread your online job postings to their groups and networks to reach the maximum audience.
  • Visit Colleges and Universities for Campus Drive – Conducting a campus job fair or campus career fair in college and universities is a good way to find the best candidates from pass outs. You can shortlist them according to their educational scores and skills. If you are hiring for part-time then also this option would work as most of the college students search job for part-time or short-term work with their regular studies. So if you are planning to reach out to campuses then it will definitely work.
  • Post ads in Newspapers – Yes, you read correctly. Some people think that it’s a traditional and outdated method for finding good employee, right? But this method works in today’s time also. As there are many people in today’s world who read newspapers every day, some may read for knowing the latest news, some may read for exam preparations. You can say in a family there is at least a person who read a newspaper daily. If anyone from candidate’s family sees a job vacancy post on newspaper then they will surely update the job seeker about it. And in this way, your job is done to find great employees.
  • Conduct an Internal Employee Referral Program– Employees stay in touch with other employees. So, conducting an internal employee referral program will increase the chances of making a capable team. This method saves a lot of time to find employees and thus, you can set bonus or incentive for every single successful referral. This will motivate current employees to bring the best-talented candidates into your company from their network.
  • Make your Online Visibility using the Company Website with Career Page– Before applying for a job, most of the experienced candidates check company profile, ex-employees testimonials, and Google reviews online. So, you need to make the online presence of your company. This can be done by making an official website for the company. Here on site, you can create a career page for all urgent job positions. This will definitely help you in finding good employees.
  • Highlight and Promote Your Work Culture and Office Life– You can share your company’s photos and videos online which showcase your work culture and office life. This media collection may include day to day office life images, working-time images, event images and videos, picnic or outdoor images etc. This will generate excitement in job seekers for your company and they will definitely try for employment with you.
  • Highlight Your Company Benefits and Perks– Apart from money, job seekers show interest on other benefits like bonus, incentive, paid leaves, working days, working hours, flexible in and out timings, remote work opportunities etc. If you offer one or more among all such types of benefits and perks then showcasing these on your company website, and adding in job postings details will help you to find interested employees as these benefits attract job seekers and make them more likely to apply for current openings.
  • Contact Placement Consultants -Where job portals don’t work for you properly, placement consultants definitely help you. These placement agencies generally tie up with almost all small and medium organizations in their local area and surrounding areas. Such type of job consultancies has a strong database of domain-wise skilled candidates. So, direct dealing with them can save your time for finding the right candidate who will best fit with your organization.
  • Organize Meetups and Workshops: Organizing events like meetups and workshops on a particular field can help you to find professionals who are highly motivated and talented in their domain. So, in this way you can easily meet the top candidates you are looking for.

Hope, above small but efficient tips, will help you in your candidate search journey.

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