How to be Unique from other Candidates during the Interview.

The company starts getting several candidates applying for the job as soon as they have vacancies. Sometimes it is possible that all of them have similar degrees and experience. In this situation, it gets hard for them to find the perfect employee they have been looking for.

But the interviewer knows exactly how to find the best out of hundreds of candidates. They have many ways to look for the unique candidate among them. Sometimes they directly ask you to explain how you think you are different than the other candidates. If you are able to answer this simple question with ease then your chances of getting the job may increase.

Here are some tips listed to help you to prepare for How to be Unique from other Candidates during the Interview.

1- Know Yourself Very Well:

Well, I know you are aware of the way you are but when it comes to explaining it to others you possibly must be getting a bit confused. Point out your strength and weakness on a paper and ask yourself how are you unique from others. Find ways to solve the weakness and learn to explain yourself. So, when someone asks you How you are unique from others, you can easily answer the question.

2- Stay Focused and Alert:

The interviewer may ask anything you may have not prepared for but being focused during the interview might help you to pass the question with ease. Do not overthink and get overwhelmed instead just be in the moment and stay ready for whatever comes during the interview. If this is not your first interview then you may be aware of what will happen in the interview and will help you to relax.

3- Talk less but Meaningful:

Some candidates stay quiet and do not talk at all while some do unnecessary talking with nervousness. You need to figure out when to talk and what to talk. You are in an interview not in some chit-chat show. Remind yourself to talk meaningfully only if required. If you have any questions ask them politely. Think twice before asking a question that may seem stupid.

4- Hide the Nervousness and Show Confidence:

It is absolutely normal to get nervous before or during the interview, but learn to overcome the nervousness. Feel confident within and you will be able to crack the interview on a positive note. Do not get affected by the nervous candidate sitting beside you. Instead, learn what you should do to look confident.

5- Be Conscious of your Body Language:

Body language plays a major role in knowing an individual’s personality. Be conscious of how you sit, how you walk, and how you talk. Sit straight and relaxed, and talk with politeness. Be conscious of the placement of your hands and your legs. Look directly into the eyes of the interviewer and answer all the questions with confidence.

Final Thoughts:

The degree and experience can match with the other candidates but each person has a different personality. Work on making yourself unique from others. Improve your social and professional skills. Gather confidence and knowledge, you can read some self-help books to improve yourself. To be honest, everyone is bored of the same things they want something unique in every manner.

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