3 Signs of an Informed Candidate

3 Signs of an Informed Candidate

Before starting with the signs of an Informed Candidate, Let’s understand what is the Informed Candidate.

The informed candidate is the person who did research about the company before the interview and already know much about your company.

He/She is already aware of the job description and the post you are offering.

At first, you will not know that the candidate sitting in front of you is informed or not.

But with the signs listed here will help you to know the candidate.

1- Their Resume is an Exact Match with the Job Description:

These days technology is on the next level. And making a resume is some clicks of a button away.

But a quality candidate spends time on creating their resume on their own.

They give attention to every single line while making their resume.

You will feel that the resume is made only for the job you are offering.

If you find someone with the perfect resume with every step then he/she can be the informed candidate.

2- They Understand the Role they are Applying for:

Describing a role to the candidate can be a little difficult sometimes.

But not with the informed candidate, they already did lots of research about the post they are applying.

You don’t need to make them understand their duty, but you surely need to describe it properly in a job description.

When you get an informed candidate, the interview gets really easy and time-saving.

3- Knows the Value and Culture of your Organization:

Every candidate should have done some research about the company before coming for an interview.

It is very important that the candidates have some knowledge about the organization they are thinking to work with.

Ask him/her some question about your company and if you get satisfied answers then you found the right candidate.

If the candidate is really interested in the job then he should know how the company is working and what are the rules and regulation of the firm.

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